Who is to Blame for the Scoreless Game?

  There are two types of scoreless games in the NFL, a tie game and a 0-0 game. A tie game is one in which both teams have scored an equal number of points at the end of four quarters. A scoreless game is one in which neither team has scored any points by the end of regulation play . If no overtime is played, the game ends in a tie. Has There Ever Been a Scoreless NFL Game Yes, there have been two official scoreless NFL games. They were played on November 11, 1921 and October 15, 1940. No NFL games have gone longer without scoring than the 1921 scoreless tie between the Buffalo All-Americans and Cleveland Indians. The game began at 11:50 am in front of somewhere around 2,000 fans in a snowstorm. The temperatures were below 20 degrees, but it was likely much colder on the field with the wind chill factor. The standing-room only crowd was likely even smaller at that time of day. The conditions were so bad, Buffalo refused to kick off because Cleveland would have had the wind at its back.